White guys rapping! Ganster rap? The most instantly lovable band SFist has encountered is Aqueduct, who do, in fact, mix in a little of the rap into their set. It takes a certain mix of moxy and cheer to bop your way through some hard core lyrics-- Aqueduct's ability to do so while grinning is only part of their appeal. Songs riffing on Guns and Roses lyrics, and a hint of the Beach Boys combine for a show that is fun, and a cd we can't stop playing. David Terry, Aqueduct's lead was kind enough to answer a few questions en route to San Francisco

Is being a rock star all it's cracked up to be?
Am I a rock star? If you say so.

What is your favorite Guns and Roses Song?
Patience. But it's more of a code by which to live your life.

Your rendition of "Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster" wins best performance of the year in our book, what inspired it?
Aqueduct's cover of "Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangster", comes from my adoration of all things Gangsta Rap. That song in particular, I think, is such a feel good song. It makes you just want to move and have a good time pitted against the backdrop off some pretty f***ed-up, explicit, demoralizing and demeaning lyrics. That is definitely an Aqueduct theme, minus some of the aforementioned adjectives, to take somewhat dark subject matter and cleverly disguise it with an upbeat catchy song. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests to release our version of that song, it most likely will be headed your way soon. I'll probably release a 7" only version to thwart "that backwards baseball hat guy" who thought we were covering "that song from Office Space".

Photo by Michael Buckner from Aqueduct’s Website