The big question is why? The fact that major league baseball sponsors are bailing left and right on any sort of Barry home run celebration could have something to do with it. Then there's the fact that Bud felt he had to do something-- anything-- to silence the pitchfork-wielding mob of sportswriters who are screaming for blood. Any blood. And gosh darnit, if the Skip Bayless and Jay Marriotti's of the sporting world want blood, they'll get blood.

What could possibly come out of this is anyone's guess because it's opening not just a can of worms, but a huge, industrial size can of worms, one just shipped in from Asia and laden with warning signs and skull and cross bone stickers everywhere. Since the investigation was spurred on by the Barry book, will it just be a book report? Will anyone be punished and if so, who and why only the who? After all, the only ones still around from the so-called Juice Gang are Messer’s Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield. Unless you investigate the whole era and go after people not named in the book.

Then what do you do once you discover purported wrong doings? And how thorough of an investigation will be allowed? If Bud wants to discover who is responsible all he has to do is look in the mirror. And Don Fehr's mirror. And anyone who thrilled to the explosion in home runs over the years. And finally, why now instead of when steroids were all over the place? Or when McGwire and Sosa were jacking them left and right? One doesn't have to think very far to get all Nat X about this. Seriously, if McGwire were standing on 708, would heads be demanded?

Somebody else wrote this, but we'll add to it. If Bud really wants to turn the page and get over all this, he and Don Fehr should just schedule a press conference, admit they screwed up, and accept responsibility. Which, of course, would never happen.