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Customer at Good Vibrations: "Oh, that's the one I use in the car."
-- From Jonathan, via Amy

Geezer pushing a grocery cart, to no one in particular: "Ah, Mary. Life is so weary.... without sex. But I need a man. A big, strong, handsome, Jewish man."
-- From Kim Askew/in front of the Virgin Megastore on Market

Hoodie girl: "This is going against everything I'm learning in my ethics class. We can't judge people like this."
Striped-socks girl: "We're not judging. We're stating facts. And the fact is, we're cooler than everyone."
-- On the 5, en route to seeing Belle and Sebastian

Trendy Haircut: "Well, you'll be at a competitive advantage then -- everyone in LA's a douchebag."
--From Rita/At a downtown Starbucks