at Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Who said interactive theater is uncool? One of the coolest things about Culture Clash's production of Zorro in Hell is that you can download your very own Zorro mask and bring it to the show for a "special treat." Hmmm. Anyway, the shenanigan-rich Culture Clash (aka instigators Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza) brings us a brand-new pulp-fiction-like piece that explores the concept of homeland security in the Wild West, which apparently had its problems with immigration and Indian gambling. Only Culture Clash can skewer our collective demons with such hilarity.
Playing through April 16

Photo of Herbert Siguenza, Ric Salinas and Richard Montoya--better known as the irreverent performance troupe Culture Clash--by Gregg Segal.

Zorro in Hell