Hopefully you're the lucky winner of the Feist tickets tonight so that you can catch John Vanderslice opening. This interview first ran last August, and SFist is republishing it to enhance your Noisepop fun. At the time of the interview Vanderslice had just released Pixel Revolt, and album we're still listening too.

Has your music been inspired by San Francisco?
Oh yeah, there are three songs on my new record specifically about San Francisco: "New Zealand Pines" takes place in the Strybing Arboretum "Dead Slate Pacific" is about the Bay and "Golden Gate" wonders why we have the world's leading suicide location.

Best venue in the city?
Great American Music Hall, Bimbo's, Independent, Fillmore

Advice for other musicians here?
Oh man, the musicians I know here are pretty damn savvy. One thing I could say with certainty: musicians need to be a lot more involved and cynical about the recording process. Anything you can buy at Guitar Center probably sucks. There is a nefarious and all-powerful digital lobby that's pushing you to buy new, disposable recording equipment that's the aural equivalent of fast food.

What do you like best about the new album?
That the nine months Scott Solter and I spent making it are over! Touring on a record is the payoff pitch.

When can fans here see you play next?
I have two shows until next spring:
August 23 | San Francisco, CA Amoeba Records, 6pm, duo
(with Dave Douglas on drums, Moog Taurus and Moog Source)

November 5 | San Francisco, CA
The Independent, full band show

Picture by Peter Hughes from an interview on six eyes' blog