This week's comic books bring us, Sherpa-like, into two worlds we know relatively little about: comic book conventions and Mormonism. If only there were a way to combine them. We find it difficult to discuss our favorite of the books because of its incredibly horrible title -- let's just say it once, just to get it over with, and then we'll never refer to it again. "Toupydoops," by Kevin McShane. There. It's done. Let us never speak it aloud again.

It's a shame the title of the book is so dumb, because it's actually a fun story: a doofy blue actor moves out to Hollywood in a parallel universe where LA's main output is comic books. He auditions for the part of a villain in a Superman story, while his friend Teetereater (ugh) addresses the mundane chores that comprise life in LA: harassing women, fighting cockroaches, watching TV, meeting attention-craving homosexuals. But everything's bigger and bolder and comic-bookier in this world: like, f'r instance, the cockroach in their apartment is named Tim, stands six feet tall, and knows all the combo attacks. It's cute, fun stuff; we just wish they'd spell-checked their dialogue.

After the jump: more spelling problems, and symbolic underwear.

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