The Rai-duhs got themselves a shiny new QB today, signing ex-Saints QB Aaron Brooks to a two year deal. The Silver & Black faithful are doing much rejoicing.

Settle down, Raiders fans. This is not the QB you are looking for.

Two years ago, Brooks killed us (killed us!) in fantasy football. See, we had a choice of either drafting him or Donovan McNabb. We took Brooks. McNabb went onto the Super Bowl and an MVP season. Brooks didn't. The Saints did not much of anything and our team, which we thought was maybe the best team we had ever drafted, barely made the playoffs.

But what does fantasy football have to do with real life football as we all know fantasy and reality are two different things (something we know plenty of as Natalie Portman has yet to return our calls)? Well, the reason Brooks killed us is the same reason he's going to kill the Rai-duhs. One week, he'd go off and throw for over 300 yards, run for a TD, and throw for a couple. Then he'd just disappear for a few weeks, just basically do nothing. Which is fine if he's just doing what he can to help the team win. Except he wasn't. The Saints didn't win. And he was as much a part of the reason why as anything.