No one can really replace Patty, but making a very impressive effort, we find Marcia Gagliardi of the TableHopper newsletter. It comes out on Tuesdays, cutting the grass under the feet of the Weeklies, the Chron food section, and our little paws too. And it is charmingly addictive, with a mix of reviews, insider information, new openings and tips, and tons of fun. It is so well made we cannot believe our luck to find this mailed for free to our inbox. The Northside, one of the free neighborhood rags, has picked up the column. Hopefully it won't be steered too much towards the North side, the Marina is overrated as a foodie destination. The TableHopper site has the absolute best concierge feature, which we tried out: ask what kind of place you need for your special dinner, and you shall receive a personalized restaurant suggestion. Ain't it cool or what?

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