Lisa Dent Gallery (660 Mission Street, 4th Floor)
Hank Willis Thomas
March 3rd – April 8th, Wednesdays through Saturdays 12-6

In his second solo exhibition in San Francisco Willis Thomas presents “Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America,” a follow up to his 2004 series entitled “Branded.” In this new series, Willis Thomas utilizes print advertisements to discuss themes of history, class and the way these ideas are interpreted within the marketplace. Removing all traces of the corporate logo and text from original magazine advertisements, the artist exposes a visual language that was once embedded in the image. With these profound yet sometimes absurd portraits Willis Thomas questions the prolonged stereotypes of African American life, the advertisers intentions, and the willingness of the public to accept these images.

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Image: Things that make you go 'hmmm?, by Hank Willis Thomas