When we first heard news about the Bonds book, our first reaction was somewhere along the lines of "oh sh--, there goes the season." Once that passed, we got that sinking feeling in the pits of our belly that this is going to be bad. Like asterisks on records, Giants ownership in trouble, Bonds suspended kind of trouble. But instead, right now, it's not looking that bad. In fact, the reaction seems to be along the lines of "yawn, tell us something we didn't know."

As for the records, the Hall of Fame, and Barry's place in them, that's mainly getting the patented "Soprano's" " so what are you gonna do about it?" Because, what are you going to do about it? What he did technically wasn't against the rules and everybody was doing it. If the narrative of the book is correct, Barry did it mainly because he watched those two juiced pishers Sosa and McGwire get all these accolades and love for hitting the long ball. So Barry said screw this and joined in. Can you really blame him? Or make him the scapegoat for the sins of an era?

In a way, there's a feeling that what's happening now and what will probably happen to the steroid gang is punishment enough-- out of baseball and pariah-fied. As for Barry pretty much either holding or close to holding all of baseball's most cherished records, he might get them, but he'll have to spend the rest of his life being chased by the skeptics and the naysayers and the critics like Furies besetting Orestes. And would the Sports Guy reference Euripides? We think not.