The Free Republic?

Yep, the Free Republic. As in one of the largest and most notorious conservative organizations in the land. As in an organization that has on its Web site a whole section titled "Pray for President Bush" and mean it in a completely sincere, non-snarky way. Do conservatives rally? Do they even know how to? Do they do drum circles? Will people hold up signs calling for the execution of Mumia? We thought they were too busy running everything to protest. Well, the site does say to not bring "Bullhorns or amplification equipment, offensive signs or T-shirts." They really don't know how to do these things, do they?

The rally in front of the embassy is to support Denmark against attacks on it by extremists Moslems in the wake of the whole cartoon kerfluffle, the one in which a bunch of cartoonists decided to "get real" and publish drawings of Mohammed. Not to mention for the yummy pastries, Havarti cheese, and Kierkegaard. Actually, it's a rally in support of free speech and to make a statement in support of the idea that freedom of speech gives you the right to offend anybody and any religion. There was a big rally in D.C. a few weeks ago in front of the embassy and more rallies are planned throughout the country. Sadly, we don't think Christopher Hitchens will be attending this one, so no happy hours at the bar afterwards.

We're sure that in the birthplace of the free speech movement and a place known for its passionate belief in freedom of expression, the rally will be one of the biggest ones yet.