Sure, SF's Gavin Newsom's legalized gay marriage, and San Jose's Ron Gonzales built a city hall (and transacted some funny business with garbage collectors, but that's a separate story) -- but they got nothing on San Ramon mayor H. Abram Wilson. Mayor Wilson broke up a parking lot fight two weeks ago!

So an 18-year-old security guard at Safeway was trying to stop a guy who walked out of the store with two $75 bottles of wine. (You can buy $75 bottles of wine at Safeway? No more wine in the box for us!) The shoplifter and the guard got into a scuffle as the shoplifter was trying to jump into his SUV and drive away, and the guard got a 13 inch long gash on the leg by the SUV door. In the middle of all this, other shoppers were trying to intervene, thinking the guards were mugging the shoplifter. Madness! Chaos! Blood everywhere!

And then..... [chorus of angels!] -- a man appears. He shouts out, "Everybody back up!" The crowd looks up. "Everyone calm down! I'm the mayor of San Ramon!" He then produced a golf towel, which he used to stop the bleeding from the security guard's leg. That guy probably doesn't have any problems balancing his budget either!

Unfortunately, the shoplifter got away. Maybe he didn't vote for Wilson.

Picture of Mayor Wilson, the hero-savior Ross Mirkarimi of San Ramon