Doing some damage control, Gerardo wrote an editorial in Monday's Chron trying to explain what he meant when he said he didn't think we needed a military. What he wanted to say is that before WW II we had a bunch of citizen soldiers and we went on to win WW II. Say what you will about his point (one could argue, for instance that a lot of lives might not have been lost if we didn't take a few years to have to build an army from scratch, or Hitler and the Japanese might not have attacked if the Allies were more prepared), but he has a thought out philosophy about it. Still, there's a George and the Jerk Store element to it and we wonder if Gerardo is furiously calling Fox bookers for a chance to appear again with a plate of shrimp.

When that didn't go over so well, he posted an article on Beyond Chron defending his decision to go on Fox news, saying he did so in an attempt to blow people's minds. We wonder if in Sandoval's mind, he saw Bubba and Bubba Sue Six-Pack suddenly getting so blown away by what Sandoval said that they start reassessing everything they've ever thought of and immediately join ANSWER. Anyways, Sandoval goes on not to blame himself for causing the big deal, but for the Chron for making it a big deal out of it and says that the Chron seems to have it in for him.

Finally, Jon Carroll weighed in on the whole subject and came to Sandoval's defense. Caroll, who we always picture writing his columns in some Buddhist Chinese garden with his cats climbing all over him, says that he can understand what happened to Sandoval because he's been on those kind of shows before and that it's way too easy to get discombobulated by the bright lights.

So please, Gerardo, stay away from the bright lights.