See that guy over there on the right? That's Barry Goldwater, accepting the Republican nomination for president in our fair city back in 1964, in the same venue where we now try out American Idol contestants.

Why we bringing up old stuff? Well, because, as SFGate's Politics Blog reports, San Francisco has been asked, along with 30 other cities, to submit an application to host the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Goldwater's visit was the very last time we hosted the GOP -- and as you may recall, that race featured the famous little girl getting blown up by a nuclear bomb TV ad, one of the greatest Republican losses of the 20th century (Goldwater lost 44 states and only received 38.4% of the vote), and is considered to have killed off extreme conservatism for about 20 years, until Reagan showed up. Hey, if the RNC wants to come back here, who's gonna stop them?

Plus, just think of all the fun protests we'd have if the Republicans actually showed up! Bush Ter Down! And won't it be fun if we catch any closeted gay red-staters buying tina in the Castro? Say no more -- SFist is voting YES! for San Francisco submitting a bid! Let's get on that, SFGOP!