While we've never run Bay to Breakers, we've run our share of road races and have the drawer of dorky, lame t-shirts to prove it. That's one of the reasons that though we're not even sure where our running shoes are, we're tempted to enter the Bay To Breakers t-shirt contest.

All details are here, so take a look at them if you're interested. Then a "panel of judges will select five finalists, and past Bay to Breakers participants (who are on the Breakers email list) will choose its favorite from those five." The winner gets 500 bucks and their design on a lot of t-shirts, the four runners up get to enter the race for free.

They recommend that "designs should be colorful, and represent both the Bay to Breakers and San Francisco", which fits in perfectly with our vision of Chris Daly attempting to throttle a (tasteful and artistically rendered) naked runner. Get your entry in by February 28, if you can top that fantastic idea.