From February 2 to 14, IndieFest features movies to suit all tastes and schedules, so you have no excuse not to take some risks and check out whatever might interest you. You can see everything they have planned from 2/1 to 2/12 already, and February 13 and 14 are reserved for rescreenings of Festival favorites and prize winners, which you'll hear about as soon as we do.

We have our grubby little hands all over IndieFest this year (and this time it's consensual!), with co-sponsorship of two movies: (which SFist Rita will tell you more about later) and Lie With Me (to which we'll be giving away passes, come back tomorrow). Since when did SFist get so sexy, you might ask? Well, IndieFest brings it out in us.

We're also hosting Friday Night afterparties at Dalva (3121 16th St, right next to the Roxie), on Friday February 3 and Friday February 10. Have a drink (or ten) with 'Fisters and filmmakers, as an IndieFest ticket stub gets you $2 off any drinks both nights. Come by after the movies, or just to say "hi"!

Finally, we'll be seeing movies, talking to filmmakers, taking in the scene, and posting all about it right here on SFist. Check back here daily for reviews, analysis, gossip, more from SFists Jeremy, Rita, Rain, Krissy, Matt, Emily, Cheshire, and Eve as we brave uncharted, independent territory in search of...well, we don't know what we're in search of, but we'll definitely let you know when we find it.