Supervisor Chris Daly takes a break from smashing the state to continue the Matt Gonzalez tradition of Smashing The State through art, as he hosts what looks like his first City Hall art show. (is that right?) Hey, is Ross Mirkarimi still having his art shows, or has he moved onto the ultimate performance art project of compiling a 5 bazillion-page zoning guideline for pot clubs?

We can't find any information about Daly's show online -- not even at the Daly Blog -- but sources (and the fine print on the .jpg we got forwarded) tell us it'll be featuring the work of photographer Mark Ellinger, who takes pictures of SROs in the Tenderloin and SoMA. Sounds like Daly's going to be featuring Ellinger's work and talking about SRO mailbox legislation, with free food and drink to boot.

The event's next Friday (2/10) and open to the public. We can't wait! The photographs are beautiful, and -- well, all right, we are to see what Chris Daly's office looks like too. We promise not to start any fights!

Okay, and this is not related to anything, but is it a bad sign when a news article entitled: "As Wife Heads To Jail, Daly Shoots 69" is published and two or three people email asking you how SFist will be covering this? (John Daly! The golfer!)

The Hotel Project
February 10, 2006, 4-7 p.m.
Room 273, City Hall, SF.

Picture by Mark Ellinger

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