Now, no doubt there are Brugmans among us who recoil at the "private" component of the "public/private partnership," but we're reserving judgement until more details emerge. What is clear is that if this plan goes through -- and it's nearing completion, with the first projectors estimated to be installed before the beginning of school in September -- it'll provide a bunch of cool opportunities. It'll allow communitymembers to stroll on down to the local high school to check out an indie film, instead of schlepping over to the Roxie. It means that film fests can expand their reach into more neighborhoods, and that kids will get new educational opportunities. Imagine how cool it would be if cheap-ass filmmakers, of which there is no shortage in SF, could rent out a cheap high school auditorium to show off their work in whatever neighborhood they want. Neato! Here's hoping this plan doesn't get mired in beaurocracy and cronyism and unanticipated cost overruns ... you know, business as usual in this town.