You can bet your ear plugs we'll be tuning in to "American Idol" tonight as the show continues with its seemingly endless episodes of auditions, because San Francisco is their next stop!

The try-outs were held way back in August and we've learned from many, many seasons of the show that just because auditions are held in San Francisco, does not mean that everyone who'll be featured for praise or ridicule will actually be FROM San Francisco. People, be they crazy or talented, have been known to travel vast distances to make it to an "American Idol" audition, some from as far away as Los Angeles!

We watched the previews at the end of last night's episode, and while we didn't recognize any of the hopefuls, we did like Randy Jackson's summation of the event: "San Francisco! Let's just get through it."

Well said, Randy. Well said.

Photo of wanna-be-idols sleeping outside the Cow Palace, by Tommy Keswick.