Whew. Let's catch our breaths, here. Celebrity chefs? Srsly? We're not totally sold on this one. While we like the whole one-city/one-book thing that the SF Public Library hosts, this "expanded theater" biznass takes it to a whole new level. IF they manage to find some magical film that a large majority of SF-types can agree on enjoying; and IF they can finaigle distribution channels that reach all of SF's nooks and crannies and underbellies; and IF we can all squidge out the time in our hectic modern lifestyles to participate in this cinematic simulcast ... well, then, we'll be convinced.

We hereby nominate Xanadu for the inaugural event. It's a sure-fire hit!

This is part three of a five-part series examining the anticipated impact of the new SF360 program. Monday featured a local film-news website; Tuesday featured a suite of free tools for filmmakers and audiences; Thursday will focus on a network of projectors to be installed in local high schools; and Friday will cover a slew of new local fests.