Because the Film Society's SF360 program is so multi-faceted, our coverage is going to be split into a five-part series over the course of this week. Today, we're be exploring a local film-news venture by; Tuesday, we're covering SF360's free online suite of tools for filmmakers and audiences; Wednesday, we're looking at a program in which all of SF watches the same movie at the same time; Thursday, we're covering a network of projectors to be installed in high schools all around the city; and Friday, we're examining three (THREE!) brand new film festivals -- one for animation, one for youth-media, and one ring to rule all of SF's pre-existing fests. We interviewed Graham a couple days ago, so now SFist TOTALLY has exclusive quotes, if by "exlusive" you mean "stuff he told lots of other people, but worded slightly differently." So look forward to us running snippets from our interview with Graham, instead of just reprinting press releases verbatim, like the SF Sentinal does.

After the jump: what's new at Indiewire, and why SF should care.