As avowed book lovers SFist was thrilled to see Kepler's com back and they're (almost) better than ever. We'll remove that bracketed condition when they open online ordering because we always get our book jonesing while we're stuck at our desks and they can't yet take advantage of that.

But what we think marks the real return of Kepler's is the slate of author events they have booked in the coming months. Saturday night saw Gail Sheehy and on Tuesday local fave Amy Tan will read from her new novel Saving Fish From Drowning. We're also looking forward to seeing Leonard Susskind on February 2nd. We aren't even sure we understand the description of his latest work, but that's the beauty of these author readings - even if we end up totally confused we can always wander off and read something else. And then buy it. Of course, always always buy it.

Go see: Amy Tan at Kepler's, Tuesday January 24th, 7:30pm.