The resolution was kind of a half-joking (although one never knows in this city) attempt to help out sports bars which apparently have been hurting this year due to a lack of good football to be watched. And as a beer-drinking, football fan, all we can say is thanks for thinking of us, Gerardo, as we are definitely an under-represented group in these here parts. If this doesn't work, should we then expect Green's on Polk Street to be declared a landmark and the Bay Guardian to start writing editorials about having the city take over the Connecticut Yankee?

We also like this idea because it just might be revolutionary. Next time some loser sports franchise threatens to leave their city unless a stadium is built or tax breaks given, the city can now just turn around and declare another franchise as the city's team. Kind of the ultimate, "oh yeah, well screw you and the team you inherited from your brother-in-law because he had a little problem with gambling fraud." Not that we're pointing to any teams in particular.

Whatever happens with the resolution, we don't think it'll do much to affect Steelers fans, who celebrated their epic victory over the Dolts by hurling a rock through the front window of referee and Stockton resident Pete Morelli on Monday. Morelli was the referee who made that hooorible call last week nullifying Troy Polamalu's completely obvious interception. Turns out in real life, Morelli is the Principal of St. Mary’s High School in Stockton. Hope the kids were a bit nicer than the Steerlers' fans.