Now, before anyone leaps to the logical conclusion that this is , let us consider the possibility -- however unlikely -- that this may be a good idea.

Norv, much like Denver QB Jake Plummer, has shown great ability when placed in a winning situation where he doesn't have to do it all. When he was offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys of 1991 - 1993 under helmet-haired Head Coach Jimmy Johnson, Norv got credit for one of the most powerful offenses of his day.

But then, as a Head Coach himself, Norv defined the term "owner's tool." First with Washington, then with Oakland, Norv was a colorless, pliable block of Silly Putty for the owner. He never rocked the boat, and unable to gain his team's confidence, would end each season end in disappointment, with his players giving up on him en masse and moping through the last couple weeks of the season.

His tenure with the Raiders was marked by a notable squandering of resources: Randy Moss, LaMont Jordan, Kerry Collins, and a young battalion of receivers were all misplayed. A hugely-talented squad was ordered to ignore establishing the run, and offensive impotency ensued. A great crying-out was heard from within the Raider Nation. The ball, as well as opposing defenses, was unmoved.

And yet, he is our Norv still, on the other side of the Bay.

By SFist Christopher Rogers, contributing

a very, very bad idea