We think we speak for everyone when we shout out at the top of our lungs "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Last Thursday, Board Member and V.P., Richard Boyd filed a lawsuit contending that 23-year-old heir Lynsi Martinez and others are trying to take over the company from the 86-year-old owner and family matriarch, Esther L. Snyder. Boyd claims that Martinez and her co-horts are trying to take over the company so they can push the company into growing and expanding faster than Snyder and Boyd want the company to grow and expand. Boyd is also claiming in the lawsuit that Martinez and her half-brother, Mark Taylor, another company V.P., are pressuring In-N-Out employees to say bad things about Boyd and that they were used to work on Taylor & Martinez's properties without proper compensation.

While we've always harbored fantasies of In-N-Out being let loose upon America where it can take down Mickey D's once and for all, the idea of In-N-Out expanding scares us. After all, it's what makes it unique, the fact that it's not everywhere. You have to set out to go there, not stumble out of your bed to go there. We should know-- back in the day when In-N-Out hadn't expanded farther north than Ventura, SFist and SFist's college roommates would take Fridays off to drive down to Ventura just to get us some Double Doubles (what's an extra year of college when you can get Double Doubles every weekend?). The moment they stop being special is the moment they stop becoming In-N-Out Burgers. And any chance that the quality of the burgers could go down, as what usually happens with expanding franchises, would be very, very, very, very, very, very bad.

Although if they want to expand somewhere in San Francisco that's not Fisherman's Wharf, have at it. Seriously, have at it. Go. Now.