Well, I already told you my favorite news posts of the year -- but what about the other stuff? So here goes:

Best movie I saw for free for SFist Reviews: It's so exciting to go up to the box office and be like, "I have press passes!" I really liked the Wellstone! biography, and the Grace Lee Project is out of contention because I actually paid my own money to see that one -- but the one I still think about all the frickin' time is Chinese Restaurants: Three Continents. Why didn't think of a career path that would oblige me to travel to exotic countries and eat Chinese food all the time?

Best show: Joanna Newsom! Though the Sufjan show's a strong second -- when else will I have a chance to spend an evening with three backup singers, a trumpeter, SFist Krissy, and Jason Schwartzman?

Best celebrity I met this year: You know, I met a number of interesting folks this year -- but you know, I think I gotta go with Jack Daly. Jack for Mayor!

Best Blotter: That ostrich running around on the Golden Gate Bridge, the same day the cops did that exceedingly-thorough search of Centerfolds was a pretty good Tuesday, we gotta say. That girl who sent out an APB about the stuffed mouse she tied to a runaway helium balloon was also hilar. Oh, no, wait -- I just found the entry about the tourist who accidentally rolled backwards down the crooked part of Lombard Street. We have a winner!

....and the Coolest person, 2005: My co-editor Eve, of course!

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