Even the rich aren't immune from the laws of gravity -- the folks living in those multimillion dollar homes perched precariously on the edge of Telegraph Hill are all a little on edge themselves with the news of rockslides down the hill. The less-well-off who live at the bottom of the hill are probably not very happy either, but no one seems to be interviewing them. Aaron Peskin raced to the defense of his district, and can probably be seen doing many, many interviews (click on video) on your local news tonight.

San Francisco officials called for the folks at the top of the hill to hire private geologists to evaluate the stability of their homes -- but no one actually had to evacuate because it turns out that of the two houses on that part of the hill, one is unoccupied and the folks in the other are on vacation. The slide is probably due to all that rain we've been getting, but recent construction in the area may have contributed to the general rock instability as well. In any event, fatalistic engineers note that Telegraph Hill, like all of the city, is just going to ultimately fall into the ocean anyways (in like five billion geologic years, we hope!)

And oh hey, Standing Room, you'll like this -- the only thing that got hit by the falling rock? A DPT parking enforcement Cushman-mobile.

Picture from KRON 4