In the market Safeway (please let us know if you have seen this elsewhere in comments), a 10 feet tall cardboard structure depicts a cartoonish Santa on a sleigh holding cartoonish snack packages: kids, if you like Santa, you must like chips. Children obesity, children shmobesity. (15% of children age 6 to 11 are obese, as opposed to a 5% twenty years ago. Another 15% is at risk.)

We already bitched about Frito-Lay advertising targeting the young ones. So we called them, and an assuaging lady told us "it is snack food, it is not meant as a replacement for a whole meal." OK, but why target the children? "It is meant for the whole family". Fine, but the advertisement in Safeway is not meant for the whole family, is it? "I will forward you to a public health person who will get back to you." Unfortunately, not in time for this post.

After the jump: some Christmas love, instead of some cheap chip hate.