Proof that our readers don't steer us wrong.

Last week, we posted our 'Fistie awards for best coffee/cafe in town. A few of the people leaving comments mentioned Cafe Organica at 562 Central Ave. (at Grove) as a contender for the crown. We're pleased to say that had we visited Cafe Organica, which opened last May, just a couple weeks earlier, stalwarts Ritual Roasters and Blue Bottle would have had to share some of the limelight.

This place is great.

We probably hit it up on the right day -- it wasn't too crowded, owing to the rainy conditions; we imagine most folks were staying home on Saturday and Sunday. Not that the place was empty -- the flow of people was steady; someone was always waiting for a drink. However, the fairly easygoing pace of the mid-afternoon really gave us a chance to look around, get a feel, and--even better--shoot the breeze a little bit with Eton, the owner, as he enabled our addiction.

The space is cozy--a few tables, a few chairs, a couch, a couple wicker armchairs, and, hey, kid in the candy store time, bar stools. Yeah, you can sit at the bar. Nice. Like a number of the places around town, there was some art up on the wall, right above the rent-a-computers.

So, right off the bat, there are some special, noteworthy things about Organica. It's one of the very few places, period, that has multiple espresso blends from multiple roasters readily available at the bar. All the drip coffee is brewed using a French Press method, then stored in vac pots.

The menus lay it out straight -- one full of cold, rich drinks; another with a variety of the coffee drinks you'd see just about anywhere; and the one that caught and kept our attention: the menu labeled "Simplicity." Among the offerings: "true cappuccino (6 oz.)."