In other news, we were pretty bummed when we realized we had missed Oprah's Christmastime Favorite Things episode when it aired last month, so we can't tell you how thrilled we are that it's being repeated TODAY! (On ABC at 4 p.m., or late tonight at 1:30 a.m.)

While watching her pimp all those overpriced products is entertaining in itself, the real thrill comes from seeing the reactions of the audience. You may have seen "Saturday Night Live"'s spoof (QT) of one of the shows and--minus the women giving birth in the aisles--it really wasn't that much of an exaggeration. In the past, recipients of the favorite things were just members of an audience who were lucky enough to get tickets to that day's show. But this time around, the audience is full of Hurricane Katrina survivors relief volunteers who thought they were coming to a hurricane follow-up show. Can't wait to see THOSE reactions!

We've checked out her list of things and were amused to find Oprah pimps her own 20th anniversay DVD on the show. (Well, you can't become one of country's richest women through modesty, we suppose.)

Now pardon us, as we just must do some last-minute shopping and get that $1,800.00 Philip Stein Teslar diamond-encrusted watch for everyone on our list.