Well, Eminem is back with his on-again off-again Kim, but SF's sporadic First Lady's now not only on the outs with Gavin but now also with her employer, Court TV. Matier and Ross report that Ms.-Guilfoyle-if-you're-nasty has announced that she's going to be taking a job with FOX News, hosting a weekend law/crime show called "The Lineup."

Kimbers coyly refused to say anything mean about her new channel, but you gotta wonder if new co-worker-to-be Bill O'Reilly's anti-Gav stance had anything to do with her taking the job. (Hey, Kim -- save all the voicemails you get from that guy. Trust us on this one.)

And it wouldn't be a M&R column without some more drama -- they also report that Kimberly was in town this weekend to attend the mayor's Christmas party and Gordon Getty's birthday party. Girl, you need to move on! It's been almost a year!