Watch out for that 16th hole -- it's a doozy! The sandtrap and rotating windmill take on a sinister tone now at San Jose's mini golf haven Golfland, as authorities discover that the fun park was listed as a potential terror target on a list submitted to the Dept. of Homeland Security. Was it the skeeball that might have attracted jihadist attention? (And why wouldn't the Golflands in Castro Valley or Sunnyvale attract the same kind of Al Qaida attention?)

Rep. Zoe Lofgren from San Jose is annoyed about this -- noting that while the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and certain check-cashing facilities in LA were included on the homeland security list, no one bothered to put down the area where all of the Internet's servers are stored (is that Cisco?). Homeland Security will not comment, but it sounds like someone's gone ahead and taken Golfland off the list.

Golfland manager Bob Kenney is pleased, saying, "I just hope nobody was upset or scared away by us being on the list. I heard we were 17 on a list of 18 sites, in order of the terrorists' favorite targets. We're small potatoes. They'd probably rather go for the Winchester Mystery House.''

Picture of Golfland off Golfland's website