Intel is jumping on the home media center bandwagon with its new VIIV technology, specifically aimed at creating media PCs. SFGate's take explains how Intel is having to work with content providers as well as technology for the new platform. And CNN is giving a recap on Apple's iMac G5 strategy as a media center, but with no mention of the rumors about Apple's possible Mac mini-based device.

Sun Microsystems is continuing its move to more open-source software, and Business Week interviewed Sun's CEO Scott McNealy to hear how they plan to incorporate free software into their existing business model.

Internet porn sites didn't ask "can I?" about setting up a separate .xxx domain; they asked ICANN. And they were told "no".

Google and Craigslist getting yet even more competition from Microsoft, as MS has been working on its own classifieds service, similar to GoogleBase.

And Wikipedia got some harsh criticism this week from John Siegenthaler, who we remind everyone did not assasinate either of the Kennedys. Charles Cooper from CNET has an editorial about the criticism and the nature of participatory internet media on the whole.