Worrell chose not to resign with the G-Men in 2004, opting for the Phillies, something that didn't quite work out that well. Last year, he left for undisclosed "personal reasons" (juicy rumor of which you can find here) only to reemerge later to pitch with the D-Backs. And pitched rather well we might add.

This means the Giants now have a plethora of set up men to choose from, a potpourri of pitching from the 'pen, as he joins Benitez, Hawkins, and Walker. All are steady, all have experience closing, all have proven success elsewhere, and all nobody would ever call lights out. And all are right-handers. With Scott Eyre gone, the only left-handed reliever the Giants now have is rookie Jack Taschner.

Also in Giants news, Sabaen has said they are still chasing starting pitcher Matt Morris, ex of the Cards. We'd put our money on them getting him too as he's the perfect Giant- past his prime, cheap, oft-injured, and with just enough hint of occasional brilliance to make you go "hey, this might work."