We know you're probably just dying to know what's been happening on all those fascinating news items we've been telling you about. Well, fret no more! Your prayers have been answered!

Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval argued on behalf of himself yesterday that he shouldn't have to pay Don Fisher's political committee any more money. The judge seemed sympathetic to District 11's finest, calling Fisher's request "odd."

Man, the New York Liquor Store in Oakland's having a bad week. Not only does it get targeted for vandalism by Your Black Muslim bakery, then set on fire, and then its owner gets kidnapped and left in a car truck, but now folks in the neighborhood are looting the charred, broken remains of the store.

After agreeing to host a ping-pong tournament with Shanghai, Gavin Newsom travels to Beijing and checks out the Great Wall. Also -- dude, check him out playing basketball at Yao Ming's elementary school. What are those ? And Gavin, have you gotten us a panda yet?

And Tookie Williams's request for a stay on his execution order was denied. Only Arnold Schwarzenegger can save him now.