So the President gave his big "Wait! I got a Plan! I swear" speech today which went over as well, as, well, we don't know how well it went over, but we did notice while at the gym today that the news channels couldn't wait to switch over to live footage of some police chase in LA. One place the President's speech did cause a reaction was here in the Bay Area as this afternoon, Nancy Pelosi came out in support of John Murtha's proposed withdrawal plan. The one which got him called a "coward" by that scary congresswoman from Ohio.

This is a big deal because Pelosi had previously refused to endorse Murtha's plan. In fact, she hasn't really endorsed any plan or said anything one way or the other about what to do. Something that has drawn criticism from local progressives for not being sufficiently anti-war. It's big news too because as Minority Leader of the House, it gives the appearance of congressional Democrats having a unified position on the war, something we all know isn't really true because Democrats are never unified about anything. How they order food at party functions, we'll never know. Pelosi did say that it was her individual decision and not the Democratic caucus position, but she did say it was in line with most of the members.

And yesterday at a press conference, Senator Barbara Boxer also called for a withdrawal, or more like called for anything that will end the damn thing. Said the Senator: "right now, there's an endless war. If he's (the President) ready to say there's a date (for withdrawal), there's an end here, that would be a welcome thing."

DiFi, meanwhile, is off in China, not having press conferences about the war.