We think the idea will catch on.

But what should you serve? Turkeys are at the height of their season right now: Every market seems to have them. (Note, we used a chicken for a trial run) We prefer juicy and flavorful heritage turkeys, the once-endangered breeds now enjoying a comeback thanks to the efforts of Slow Food and Heritage Foods USA. But we admit they're so pricey they make Ferry Plaza markups seem reasonable. A good free-range, organically raised turkey will work as well. We're roasting one of our turkeys, smoking the other. We're sure some of you like to deep fry these birds, but we've not tried it ourselves.

Turkey begs for a good gravy, often because the bird itself is so dry that it needs some other liquid on the plate. We make a sauce for our gravy. Early on the day of the dinner, we pull the little goodie bag out of the turkey, and use the neck and wing tips to make a flavorful turkey stock. We use the organs in the goodie bag in the stuffing.