In a word, it was awesome.

We tried to figure out what our favorite part was, but it was just so hard to choose. Was it Arnie's attempt at speaking Portuguese? Was it his dirty-rumba-dancing? Was it an obviously jacked up soon-to-be Governor in full Carnival regalia hopping around and screaming? Or was it his oh-so-obvious attempts to try and pick up both of his hot Brazilian escorts, with differing results. In fact, between the early 80's outfits and hair, gauzy cinematography, and cheesy pickup lines, the video often reminded us of one of those flicks they Skinemax shows.

And as befitting its' attempts at being a travelogue, we learned some things too. Like how to say goodbye in Portuguese. Or what makes a good Carnival. And last but certainly not least, that Arnie's an ass man.

In fact, in watching this, we couldn't help but feel a swirling of pride in our state. After all, Virginia has a new Governor whose deeply religious. Arkansas has a Governor who lost over 100 pounds by dieting. And California? Our Governor's an ass-grabber.

Brings a tear to our eye.

Screen cap from Daily Pepper