We've all thought about it -- but who knew someone had the Easter Eggs to actually go and ? CHP arrested a Petaluma man Wednesday on 101 in Marin for dressing up a dummy and putting it in the front seat of his car so he could use the carpool lane. The solo commuter had dressed up a kickboxing dummy in a Miami Dolphins jersey and baseball cap and reclined the front seat back so it looked like the Marino fan was just taking a quick nap on the way to work. A cop, who often checks in windows as cars whiz by in the HOV lane, thought it looked funny and pulled the guy over.

Cops say they don't usually catch folks with the full-on dummy, but it's fairly common to find people with dolls strapped into baby seats. It's a $351 fine -- but hey, who knows how long this guy had been pulling this? If you amortize that over like a year, that's just a buck a day! (Maybe it's time to revisit those congestion fee proposals after all.)

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