On Wednesday we relished reading Matier and Ross's column about a brouhaha involving the San Francisco Film Commission. Seems that while shooting days in The City are up, all is not well between the commissioners and the executive director, Stefanie Coyote -- whom loyal SFist readers will remember from her previous brouhaha with deposed Treasure Island impresario Tony Hall over the Rent production.

So Stefanie gets in a fight with former deputy director Michael Billington and replaces him with Kristin Treiber. Worried that Billington's supporters might disrupt Monday's meeting, she arrives with her husband, Peter Coyote, and Hollywood tough guy Sean "Spicoli" Penn (who we assume was not allowed to carry one of his pistols through City Hall security). Luckily, hardly anyone showed up, but apparently the discontent doesn't stop there.

H. Brown accuses Coyote of firing Billington because he blew the whistle on $1,200 Coyote charged The City for location scouting photos from her own production company six months ago. Coyote called herself "naive" for not realizing that was an obvious conflict of interest, and returned the money. But H. forwarded us an anonymous note from one "KS" who says that there are more indiscretions and that they have documentation -- which they will produce if someone writes a 'fair' story. H. thought the KS was a reference to Kaiser Soze, from The Usual Suspects. We assume the letter was originally addressed to the SF Sentinel.

So KS, how about we go ahead and publish your salacious letter in its entirety, which should be fair enough from your point of view, no? In exchange, we'd love to see these 'documents.' After the jump: unconfirmed, potentially libellous (albeit entertaining) allegations from a rather vulgar anonymous source. Our motto at SFist is "run it up a flag pole and see who salutes," after all.

San Francisco Sentinel photo by Luke Thomas.