For the last couple weeks the deciduous trees have bequeath their surroundings with fall-like leaves, and offer pleasant browns and appealing rustling sounds to passersby. Rain, or what would be better termed as condensing mist has pushed through our air space a couple times. Did you feel it last night? No? Well then good news! Thursday and Friday there's a one in 330 Ritch chance you'll be looking for your thick hoodie and your bike's back tire fender.

Bring it on we say, and then smell ya later because though cloudy and a proto-typical 59 degrees, Halloweekend and night should be nice and dry like a city Supes meeting. Heck weather is looking good enough for some late season camping and though brisk, the fall so far has been gorgeous in the Sierras. Speaking of All Hallows Eve, here's some news you can use for all you goths, vampires, zombies and all-around sunshizzy haters. Daylight Savings ends, and Daylight Takings-Away begins Sunday morning at 2:00 am. Don't try and catch yourself, it's too late, you're falling into the fall.