Man, New York wins everything! According to a study by Runzheimer International and reported on today by CNN, San Francisco is the second-most expensive place to live in the US, second only to our pals in Manhattan.

"The survey factored in local and state income taxes, costs associated with owning two cars (except in Manhattan ), public transportation costs, goods and services, sales taxes, and costs to own a 2,500 square foot house (mortgage payment, insurance, real estate taxes, utilities and maintenance) (Ed note: OK, stop, you're hurting us, really).", making San Francisco $24,000 cheaper than Manhattan, at an annual cost of $122,007.

While we dream of the day we have $122,007 to blow annually (you know, if they had factored in "student loan payments" this might actually be accurate), we suddenly feel remarkably thrifty in our ability to retain a fairly high standard of living on considerably less. What are we doing wrong?

(Ed note: hahaha what?)