Of course it turns out that yes, we still live in coastal Nor Cal and we're at the mercy of the Pacific Ocean's weather cycles when they confronts the western extremities of the North American central coastline. Tuns out an ocean trumps continent almost every time. And in fact today (Saturday) is going to be windy all day, but cloudless, so don't even think of flaking on your plans as it should be pleasant enough - especially if your friend invites you to sail out on the bay or you're a kite surfer. Unfortunately Sunday isn't going to be much better so if you're thinking you can skip on outdoor plans in favor of tomorrow, you probably are going to regret that.

BUT NEXT WEEK ... next week! Really, next week ... we're predicting four out of the five upcoming week days to be downright spot-on SF envy-inducing summer->fall days. Seventy-eight, eighty degrees. No clouds. Prototypical San Francisco our-summer weather. Enjoy'em while you got'em! Odds are we'll have some more fine-ness as the month wears on ... but with this years aggressiveness weather, we're not holding our burrito breath.