But there's no way we're missing out on this season of "Alias." The last season blew our minds what with the zombies and the glowing orb and the HOLY CRAP! finale ending. And this season they're going to incorporate Jennifer Garner's real-life pregnancy into the show. The thought of seeing a pregnant Sydney kicking ass both excites us and fills us with dread...OK, maybe it just fills us with dread, but we're still gonna watch!

So, a choice will have to be made! Granted, it's nothing on par with any choices "Sophie" had to make or anything, but it's still going to be tough. And we'll continue to keep those TiVo and VCRs pumping, and hope that the TV powers-that-be eventually come to their freaking senses and move one of these damn shows to another night!

Image of an "Alias" billboard at Powell and O'Farrell from Onsite Advertising.