We missed the Arcade Fire show this weekend but: (shicka shicka, bell bell).

Haven't we already heard this story? Yet another PG&E underground vault blew up this afternoon, injuring a passerby -- but this time in Berkeley, at Bancroft and Telegraph. A manhole cover was blown off by the blast, hitting a person driving by in his car. The airbags on the car deploying, injuring the driver. There was a small fire, which is now out, and about 2200 people were without power.

And speaking of the Ralph Lauren explosion, PG&E confirmed today that the August 19th explosion was caused by a misaligned gasket that allowed water to leak into the vault and short out the transformer. PG&E didn't know if this was the same cause of today's Berkeley explosion but said they'd look into it.

During all this, PG&E crews were also scrambling to get to yet another blackout in Cow Hollow this afternoon, after a car hit a power pole.

How was that Arcade Fire show, anyways?

Image from the Arcade Fire Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) video

oh, the power's out -- in the heart of man!