Of course, you could always not pay. To protest the fare increases, local activists have been calling for a fare strike. For the past several months, they've been handing out flyers, posting posters, and trying to spread the word about the idea of protesting the fare increases by not paying. Supposedly, they've even been talking to MUNI drivers about joining in and not collecting fares. We hear a few drivers were even going to attend a couple of rallies, but showed up fifteen minutes late and missed them. We kid! We kid! Anyways, despite the fact this city is known for protesting anything, the transit strike has been greeted with mainly ambivalence and the "what are you gonna do?" shrug.

Oh, for you BART people out there, there's news on that front too. To make up for all the fare increases and slashed service, management is thinking about instituting frequent rider award programs. So you might be paying more to commute and have to wait longer, but at least you’ll get a spiffy BART credit card for all your troubles. Yay!