So class, how was your first day of school? Kindergarten class went fine, and the SF school district's wildcat strike wasn't as effective as it might have been -- but as we all know, the second day is always the hardest, after all the first-day hoopla dies down.

So the rumor making its way around town is that School Superintendant Arlene Ackerman is going to finally make good on her threats and leave town. (scroll down past Centerfolds and the 7 Haight bus.) No one has confirmed this rumor, but there is a 6 p.m. closed meeting of the school board scheduled for tonight.

As you may recall, Ackerman hasn't really gotten along with a lot of Green Party members on the school board. And Matt Gonzalez's law firm had filed suit over the procedural legality of what it called a "platinum parachute" provision of Ackerman's contract, which gave her a $375,000 buyout option if she unilaterally decided that her relationship with the board was "unworkable," for which they were roundly criticized for running up the bill against our schools.

Well, as is currently being discussed at, it's not really clear who looks worse if the rumor's true -- is it the Greens, for apparently running the super out of town? Or is it Ackerman, who now looks like she was just waiting for the first day of school to pass before making herself some bank? Or is it the school board moderates, who said we should all give Ackerman a chance and forced the parachute contract through in the first place? Maybe everyone needs a time-out here.