Are you a gay couple planning a wedding? And are you bold and self-confident in the face of overwhelming obstacles? (You'd sort of have to be, wouldn't you?) Well, you might want to get in touch with World of Wonder, an LA-based production company that's planning a reality TV show for Bravo about gay weddings. From the craigslist post:

They will showcase you and everyone involved in your celebration. We want to capture every exciting moment and all the fun details of the party planning. So celebrate your wedding--TV style! Plus, Bravo will financially reward you for being the star of your own show.

Well, we can't possibly think of any potential for disaster here; volunteering your Very Special Day for reality-show consumption sounds like a simply smashing idea. Especially considering the proposed title of the show -- "It's My Party" -- is a song lyric that continues, "and I'll cry if I want to/you would cry too if it happened to you." World of Wonder are the folks behind and Tammy Faye: Death Defying and Showbiz Moms and Dads and Plushies and Furries and the cringe-inducing Party Monster (in which Macauley Culkin seemed to think that affecting a half-British accent was the same as affecting a gay accent). In other words, documentaries about folks who are determined not to to be marginalized, even as their most marginal aspects are probed in revealing detail. Good luck to all the happy couples.Transgeneration