Boy, have we got some bad Cow Hollow ideas for you! Have you guys been following the whole "turning Fillmore Street into a ski slope" thing? So Icer Event Management has decided to shave enough ice (12,000 cubic feet of it) on Aug 27 to turn Fillmore Street from Broadway to Green Street, and Vallejo from Steiner and Webster, into ski jumps. (A 14 foot lane will be left open for emergency vehicles and for people who live there to get home.) This is all for Jonny Mosely's 30th birthday, and to film footage for a video game.

But wait -- it gets even better! Wait until you hear how everyone's reacting! There's a Hindu temple on that stretch of Fillmore -- and , the event planners are setting up the apres-ski lounge, sponsored by Otis. What's more: the monks don't drink. Awesome.

The Pac Heights neighborhood association isn't very happy either, especially because the weekend right after the skiing one, the Grand Prix bike race is coming through. "People are incredibly disrespectful of private property at these events. It's a real intrusion. We view this in the same class as street fairs," fumes the neighborhood associate president. (Aw, come on, everyone loves a street fair!) They've tried protesting to (hottest supervisor) Michela Alioto-Pier, but she's told them there's nothing she can do, because the ski people have gotten all the necessary permits. Awesomer.

The organizers are slightly confused by the reaction. "We really, really do not want to upset the neighborhood," the organizer told the Chron. "This thing is going to be done well and in a first-class way." And -- here's our absolute favorite part -- "We want to show San Francisco as an exciting place to visit, as opposed to a place with a lot of homeless." (emphasis added). ...And awesomest!!!! You did not just say that! You did not!

What is going on up there North of Market???

right outside their meditation room