Like 2002's "Firefly." (2002?! Did they even have cars back then?) The Sci-Fi channel is re-running the Joss Whedon series that Fox cancelled before it even got a chance to finish (thus leading to the launch of a million fan sites). The Sci-Fi channel will rerun the entire series, including the episodes that never made it to the air orignally. All of this will, hopefully, get people excited for the release of the feature film spin-off Serenity, which will hit theaters in September. Now, we love us some Joss Whedon, and we were die-hard "Buffy" fans (yes, even the seasons where she was all depressed about coming back from heaven, and doin' it with Spike) but we will admit that we weren't completely blown away by "Firefly." There was something about the whole "wild west in space" concept that bugged us, and we also found lead actor Nathan Fillion bland and completely unappealing. But on the other hand, it was also filled with patented Whedon humor, and Gina Torres. So we're going to give the show another chance, and maybe even be there opening night for the movie. You can catch "Firefly" Friday nights at 7.

One person's heaven is another person's hell. Image from the "What's Happening!" TV Heaven page.